Accommodation in Chania’s picturesque old town, with a Venetian atmosphere…

Eulogia Casa Villa is in the centre of Chania old town, where the ancient Minoan city-state of Kydonia was built. More specifically, the villa is located in the Jewish Quarter.


The old town is the part of the city which is enclosed by the Venetian city walls, including Byzantine Chania which is enclosed by the small Byzantine walls. The old town runs parallel to the Venetian Port of Chania, from the "Firkas" fortress and the Maritime Museum, to the Sabbionara Rampart past the old shipyards to the east.


The old town is surrounded by historic neighbourhoods where people of different nationalities, cultures and religions once lived. One of these neighbourhoods is the picturesque Jewish Quarter with "Etz Hayyim", the only synagogue in Crete, the church of San Francesco and the Archaeological Museum.

As well as historical monuments, Chania old town has a wide selection of small shops where you can find all sorts of interesting items to buy. In addition to history, the old town is famous for its rich nightlife which will enchant even connoisseurs of entertainment!


The nearest beach is called "Nea Chora" and is only 0.5 km from the centre of Chania. If you want to go a bit further to discover new beaches, there is an organised transport network that will take you from the city to a wide choice of beaches .

Staying at Villa Eulogia Casa is a great choice! You will be able to live comfortably in a wonderful traditional house and to get to know the city of Chania and the surrounding areas in all their beauty, quickly and easily, and without having to worry about transport.


Villa Eulogia Casa is in a wonderful location, in one of the most beautiful & romantic spots in Crete.


The Chania old town is picturesque & atmospheric… and has a certain finesse! Discover the town… and fall in love!